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Janeisha πŸ’„ Dallas Makeup Artist

Beauty, cosmetic & personal care

ER Travel Nurse | πŸ“DFW

I create wearable makeup for working womenπŸ‘©πŸΎβ€πŸ’»


Originally from Houston, TX, now residing in Dallas, TX Janeisha is a self-taught makeup artist. She took an interest in makeup in 2012 but didn't decide to pursue the career professionally until 2017. Janeisha began her nursing career as an Emergency Room registered nurse. Over the course of her five year career she has worn many hats. Today, she continues to serve her community as an Infusionist RN and travel RN with plans to move into the entrepreneurial area of nursing Makeup started as her distraction from life in the ER and a stress reliever after many crazy nights at work. BrushHER was a way for Janeisha to combine her love for nursing and makeup. BrusHER Artistry inspires women from all walks of life to live fearlessly and embrace the HER that is within.